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About Us

A little info on and its owner Joni Solis

I started on the Internet back in about 2001 with (and still online), a website with original horse paintings and artwork for sale. Then people started contacting me about designing horse logos for their businesses.

So now specializes in horse logos, and graphics for horse related businesses. I offer professional and affordable horse art designs that you can use for...

  • Self printing from your computer and printer
  • Commercial printing for your business cards, brochures, and stallion flyers
  • On your website and in your emails
  • Screen printed or vinyl cut business signs, decals, and advertising banners
  • Embroidered or Screen printed on Tee shirts, caps, jackets, etc...
  • and any other item you can stamp, etch, stencil, carve, etc...

My horse logo clients are now international -- from Canada, Denmark, Germany, Australia, and other places.

Giving Back

I create professional, custom, horse logos and graphics and give a discount to non-profits like horse rescues. If you have a non-profit in need of my creative services please contact me for more info.

To help smaller animals/pets I foster dogs and puppies for several pet rescue organizations. I also help out at local pet adoption and fundraising events, help with computer stuff (cross-posting and social networking), and take photos of the pets that need rehoming and rescuing. I have also donated paintings and artwork to different pet rescue groups for fundraising.

You can check out my pet blog at Animal News & Info - On pet rescue, animals, shelter pets, adoptable dogs, cats, etc... And I twitter about pets and animals here Animal News & Info

HeARTs speak

I am an "In-Kind Professional Member*" of HeARTs Speak - Artist Working Together to Promote Deeper Understanding for the Voiceless.

* In-Kind Professional Member = Donates Goods or Services to Rescue

My Business Philosophy…

  • I believe in myself and in the services and goods that I sell.
  • I believe in truth, quality, value, and honest business methods.
  • I believe in you, my business client, and know you are working hard to create a company that sustains your body and mind, your family, and creates value for your clients and I aim to help you.
  • I aspire to consistently improve in all that I do.
  • I recognize the fact that the first step to success is not to aim just for profits, but to be willing to grant true benefits, and that money will materialize because of this.
  • I believe in the simple joys of life - sunshine and fresh air, running my dogs, fresh wild blackberries, listening to the song birds, watching my ponies run, the golden rule, etc…
  • I believe that when I make a sale I should aim to make a friend - not for the moment but for life.
  • I believe that when I have delivered your product that we should both be happy to meet again in the future.
  • I endeavor to depict horses and all animals as the wondrous spirits that they are so that you and all people will also see them that way.

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Joni Solis
artist, businesswoman, and passionate adorer of horses.

We honor life when we work. The type of work is not important: the fact of work is. All work feeds the soul if it is honest and done to the best of our abilities and if it brings joy to others.
-- Matthew Fox

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
-- Maya Angelou