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Conditions of Use

Terms of Use for site and artwork
(The can and can nots)

Copyright Notice

All graphics on are created and copyrighted by me, Joni Solis with all rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be sold, published or duplicated in either written or electronic form.

Permission of the artist is needed if you want to use any image from any source for any purpose.

All custom logo samples displayed on this site are owned by the companies that purchased the logo designs and are not to be used in any way (other than pinning on without their permission.

Terms of Use for Horse Clip Art for Personal or Commercial Use

None of my original horse art, (horse graphics, clip art, web images, header images, backgrounds, etc...) are in public domain. Meaning you can NOT use or display my horse art without my permission - asking me first.

When you pay the license fee the images are yours to use as stated below but you do NOT own the copyrights to the image. These images are royalty-free. Meaning: you pay the one-time licensing fee and may use the image as many times as you like, without having to pay any ongoing royalties from continued use).

You may...

  1. Display my horse art (unaltered, at the original size, and with the original file name) on only your personal and business web site(s) or blogs.
  2. Display my art in your email stationery, newsletters, flyers, business cards, and greeting cards either online or off line (meaning web or printed).
  3. Tell other people where you found these horse images so they can order their own.
  4. You may use the images for any of your personal craft projects or your business marketing projects.

You acknowledge...

  1. That the copyright of the art remains the sole and exclusive property of Joni Solis of - The copyright laws grant me, the creator, the elite right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, and sell / license my art. My art is NOT public domain works.
  2. I retain the right to license these designs to anyone else (meaning that other people will be using this same artwork) and the purchase of this license does not come with any guarantees or promises.
  3. This license is not transferable and is made only to you the individual and/or small business or home business operator who pays for the fee.

You are NOT to...

  1. You are NOT to claim the images as your own work, even if you alter them.
  2. You are NOT to share (give away), sell or redistribute any image, or include them in any collection. Meaning: You are NOT to post my images on your web site for people to download. You are not let your aunt or whoever display my images on her web site.
  3. If you are a website designer you must purchase the one-time licensing fee for each new site that you want to display the art image on.
  4. You are NOT to post my images in forums, message, or chat boards for others to use.
  5. You are NOT to use my images on any site that contains or promotes hate, pornography, or any illegal activity.
  6. You are NOT to link directly to the images. Download the clip art image to your computer and then upload it to your web page on your own server.
  7. You are NOT to alter, recolor, resize, (this reduces image quality) animate, remove any copyright or watermark, or change the images in any manner without written permission from me, Joni Solis. Be notified that I will not grant permission to alter my art in such a way as to make it pornographic or promote anything hateful or illegal.
  8. You are NOT to mass market any of my horse art on any item through a major retail store or chain.

Please consider...

I greatly appreciate a active text link back to my site if you display my horse art on the web.

Example of a text link back to my website with copyright credit...

Some of the horse art images on this site are from and are copyrighted by Joni Solis.


Horse Logos and Equine Graphics - - Specializing in professional horse graphics, logos designs, and clip art, for your horse business.

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How to save images:

PC users:
Right-click on the image and choose 'Save Image As', or 'Save Picture As'.

MAC users:
Hold down your mouse button and then choose Down load to disk. Video: How to save images from the Internet

Summery: Basically you cannot go wrong if you remember: Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them do Unto You. And when in doubt give credit.

Remember that you are buying the rights to use one of my horse art images; you are not buying the copyright. To learn more about copyrights visit

The copyrights for the clip art designs remain the sole and exclusive property of Joni Solis of The copyright laws grant me, the creator, the elite right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, and sell / license my art. My art is NOT public domain works.

Q: What if I want to use one of your pictures in a way that is currently restricted?

A: Please contact me with full details and I will consider and send you pricing information.

Have suggestions for new designs or more questions? contact me

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