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Question: What are the steps involved in designing my Custom Logo?

Custom Logo Process:

  1. Informational Input: When you place an order for a logo design you will fill out information about your company and about what you are looking for in a logo design. This input helps me design a logo that best represents your company.
  2. Design Development: Using information gathered in Step one I do research and design sketching.
  3. Logo Samples: Within nine (9) business days of your order, I will post four (4) different logo concepts for you to choose from on a web page available for viewing at your convenience (24 hrs/7 days). You can forward the email with this link to others to receive their options. You then send me feedback on your favorite logo sample and ask for any changes you'd like to see. I make any needed changes until you are completely satisfied. Depending on the amount of revisions to the design this step can take anywhere from 7 - 19 days.
  4. Finished Logo: I will make and email you a PDF Proof of your logo design set for your final approval. Once I receive your approval I make all the logo image files and email and mail them to you in digital format on a CD with two more CD copies, one for safe keeping off site, and one for sending off to your printer. (A total of three CD copies for you.) I can also email logo files straight to the print shop you are working with.

    CD will also contain: Free Bonus business marketing resources, E-Books on business marketing, and printing coupons!


What is the Stock Logo Design process?

Stock Logo Process:

  1. Informational Input: When you place an order for a stock logo design you will fill out information about your company; like company name and company slogan.
  2. PDF Design Proof: Using information gathered in Step one I make and email you a PDF logo design proof for you to print out and look over. This step takes about 12 - 24 hours.
  3. Feedback: You let me know if any changes are required and/or approve the PDF proof. If changes are needed I will make them and email you an updated proof to approve. Note: changes are limited on Stock logo designs unless you are willing to pay the custom logo design price.
  4. Finished Logo: Once you approve the design I make all your logo files and email them to you in a .zip file within 48 hours. I can also email logo files straight to the print shop you are working with.


Question: Can I speak to the logo designer on the phone?

Answer: Yes, but I have found email to be the most efficient means of communicating with my clients. It keeps clear records of our communications, it is quick, easy, cheaper than a long distance photo calls, and I can respond 24/7 -- time zones are not a problem. I usually respond within 4 hours or faster on work days.

However, if you need to speak directly to me about your order or have concerns about security or privacy, call me (Joni Solis, the artist) at: 985-229-8829 Monday through Friday 10 am - 4:30 pm (Central Time). You will get my answering machine, so leave a short message with the following info...

  • You name, your company's name, and reason for calling.
  • Your phone number (say it twice slowly and clearly).
  • Your email address (say it twice slowly and clearly).
  • Email me and less me know you called and include your phone number in the email incase I don't understand it on the answer phone message.

I will either email you or call you back as soon as I am able (usually within a few hours).

You will NOT be put on hold for an hour, and you will not have to listen to a dozen choices and press phone numbers!

New Orleans Time


Question: What is your delivery time for logo design?

Answer: Custom Logo Designs: Your first four (4) logo concepts will be viewable within nine (9) business days and the final finished logo design could be ready in about 14-19 days. It really depends on how many changes (logo revisions) you request and how fast you make decisions.

Stock Designs: After I receive your payment and your company name and tag line (slogan) I will make a PDF Proof file for you to check over and then once approved I make your image files and email them to you in a .zip file within 48 hours.

NOTE: Rush orders: There is and addition cost for rush jobs of 50% over standard design fee. A rush order is any custom order need in less than nine business days.


Question: Will my special breed of horse have the visual characteristics of that breed?

Answer: Yes, I will research the breed of horse that you want displayed in your design. You can also send me reference photos by fax, email, or snail mail.

I have seen what some big graphics studios pass off as logo images; clip art horses that look like they are about to bark and seem to have been drawn by a first-grader. I assure you that your breed specialty will be carefully researched and a Tennessee Walker will not look like a Sire, Arabian, or a dog.

I create original artwork and do not use clip art images from other companies or taken off the internet.

NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing a stock logo design please pick out the design with the correct horse breed in it. I will not trade or change the horse images. For that you need to purchase one of the custom logo packages.


Question: Why does a custom equine logo design cost so much?

Answer: If you divide the cost of your new logo over the number of years that you will use it you will find that it is one of the best and lowest cost business expenditures for the amount of help in marketing and professional image that it provides. It costs you more in lost business not to have a well-designed logo.

I spend time researching your type of business so that I will be able to design the best logo for your company. I also research your special horse breed to make sure I have the form correct. It takes many hours to think up and draw the design concepts, make the changes that you will request, and make all the final image files needed to put on the CD's. I make many more image files than most logo companies do. I do this so you will have the file you need when you need it and to make your logo as flexible as possible for different uses.

You can find cheaper logo designers on the web. But I know you will not find one specializing in equine design that has my years of experience drawing horses, art background and deep passion for the horse. You also have to be aware of what kind of image files that many logo designs provide - some only sell small sized full color bitmap images that are completely useless for such necessary items as cut vinyl signs, one color commercial screen printing, and ink stamps.


Question:Is ordering safe? How do I know you will not run off with my money or steal my credit card details?

Answer: This is a very common fear amongst online shoppers. All credit card transactions occur over a secure connection. I never see your credit card number or information. The entire transaction is processed by PayPal a trusted payment processor on their secured servers. It is a security measure that protects well as me. Paying through PayPal is one of the most secure, reliable ways to pay on the Internet. It is the payment service of choice for both eBay and Amazon's Marketplace. You can be confident this is a safe place to shop!

Please read over the logo design testimonials and see what other customers have to say about my logo service.

Notes on PayPal

Paypal Graphic

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions. Through PayPal you can use all major credit cards, e-checks, debit cards and PayPal balance payments. Plus, PayPal has one of the most sophisticated fraud protection technologies and procedures in place – providing efficient and secure protection against e-commerce crime. PayPal is the fast, easy, and secure way to pay online. PayPal's whole business tied up in web payments and it is committed to making sure that the transactions are secure.

No Need to Join PayPal

PayPal has optimized the checkout experience - new buyers do not need to sign up for a PayPal account - it is optional. This means you can complete your payment first, then decide if you want to join! If you do join then your information is saved for future purchases.

Shop Without Sharing Your Financial Information. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by the seller or merchant. Your financial information stays safe. Plus, you're protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account. With PayPal privacy is built in. Learn more

Still have some fears? Please read Your fear is real.


Question: What file formats can you supply?

Answer: I supply the following file formats.

Web File Formats (Pixel, dots, bitmap or raster art)

  • GIF 96 dpi RGB color mode
  • JPG 96 dpi RGB color mode
  • PNG 96 dpi RGB color mode
  • PNG 96 dpi RGB with transparent background

The above raster image files can be scaled down without much image degradation, but CANNOT be enlarged without loss of quality. Transparency available (GIF and PNG only) which means they may be used on colored web backgrounds (may require some editing). They are also Special Effects friendly - meaning I can utilize popular Special Effects filters like 3D, drop shadows, etc...

Print File Formats (raster and vector art)

  • PNG 400 dpi full color raster art
  • PSD 400 dpi full color raster art with transparent background
  • PDF one color vector art
  • EPS one color vector art
  • WMF one color vector art
  • AI one color vector art
  • SVG one color vector art

Note: If you choose a spot/flat color (Pantone inks) logo design (not full color/four process design) you will also receive the logo design images in 2-3 color PDF, EPS, WMF, AI, and SVG format files (vector art).

Vector art files are stored mathematically, rather than by pixel so they can be enlarged to any size without any loss of print quality. You can use EPS files for Flash. You can also pick any Pantone ink color you like and change colors whenever you print.

Clients wishing to have their logo in a specific software application format should check with me before placing a logo order.

Stock Logo Designs: You will received your final logo image files by zip files to your email address.


Question: What software do you design the logos with?

Answer: I use mainly Serif DrawPlus and Adobe Illustrator.


Question: Can you supply Vector format artwork? (Vector art is needed to make cut vinyl signs, banners, and decals)

Answer: Yes. I can supply your custom logo design in EPS (Encapsulated Post Script), PDF (Adobe Acrobat Document), or AI (Adobe Illustrator 10) files as standard for no extra cost. These are vector based file formats used by print shops and it allows the design to be resized with no loss of quality.

Horse Logo sample with 3D effects
Important Note: If special effects such as drop shadow, 3D molding, or other fancy effects are added to the logo then these are render in pixels (bitmap, dots, raster art) and you will see a loss in quality if printed very large (larger than full page 8.50 x 11 inch sheet size).

BUT: I will supply your logo in a simple one color design version and this is supplied in a vector file that is suitable for vinyl cut signs and other production methods such as stencils, stamps, etc...


Question: How do you deliver my new logo files?

Answer: With the Custom Logo Design Packages three CD copies of your logo design files will be snail mailed to you. One CD for sending to the printer, one CD to keep in your CD files, and one CD to keep off site for safe keeping. I can also email you your files (in zip files) so you can start using your logo design right away.

NOTE: Stock logo image files are emailed to you in a compressed .zip file. You will need an unzip program on you computer in order to open and view these files.


Question: Can my logo have a see through background?

Answer: Yes...a transparent background image file. PNG or GIF file formats can be saved with transparent backgrounds. Please note that the quality of a GIF image file with a transparent background is usually lower in quality than a PNG image file with a transparent background. For web use it is often better to specify the correct background color for a GIF file as the quality is higher.


Question: Can the background of the logo be any other color than white?

Answer: Yes. In fact, if you tell me the HEX number of the background color you want or at least give me a sample to match against, then I will provide the new logo with that exact color background. You can give me this information at the time of ordering.

I also supply the logo with no background color at all. This is best for websites with colored backgrounds. I save your logo image with and without a transparent background for maximum flexible of use.


Question: Do you provide Color Separations or Camera Ready Artwork?

Answer: No not really. The problem with this is that printers use different equipment and the color separation process is specific to the printers machines. So...the best thing for you to do is to make sure that the printer can produce the color separation file from a EPS or PDF file that I can supply. I save the EPS files at Adobe Illustrator Version 8 which most print shops can use.


Question: What can I use my new logo for?

Answer: Well, I do hope that you use your new logo design for everything that has to do with you company. The logo can be used for a website, video, TV, flash, all your off-line printing (brochures, products, posters, advertising, packaging, stickers, and calendars), embedding in documents, printing on Tee shirts, and all kind of promotional fact the only real limitation is your imagination.


Question: What about Copyright? Who owns it?

Answer: With the Custom Logo Design Packages you receive ownership of your logo copyright upon completion of the project. It is up to you to file for copyright and to register your new logo design for trademark if you want. When you purchase a custom logo design you are agreeing to my Logo Contract Agreement.

Your new logo design is yours only, I will not sell your custom design to any other company to use. You also agree to let me as the creator of the logo to use it in the context of a portfolio and marketing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stock Logo Designs: Some come with the copyright available and some do not.


Question: You mention that I need to specify several things at the time of ordering...How can I do this?

Answer: You make sure you click on the Attributes/Options tab at the top of the product listing and fill it out in full! But if you miss it, I will send you the questions I need answered by email.


Question: How many logo concepts will I receive?

Answer: Four logo concepts with the custom logo packages.

NOTE: The stock logo designs show the one design concept. If you need to see other concepts or design changes then you need to purchase one of the custom logo packages.


Question: What if I do not care for any of the first four logo concepts?

Answer: Don't worry. I will now have a better feel for what you don't like and that can help me figure out what you might like. I will do four more design concepts for you after I ask you more about what you are looking for in a logo design and what I should steer away from.


Question: What if I love more than one of the logo concepts? Can I get more than one logo design?

Answer: A Logo brands your company and using more than one logo is confusing to most people and it dilutes your brand’s effectiveness.

Imagine that you come across a herd of horses and each one sports a brand then is a little different than the next one. You would not be sure that these horses all belonged to the same owner.

Use of more than one logo is NOT recommended. BUT if you insist one having more than one logo, the price of the logo package increases by 35% for each additional finished logo. This is because of the extra work encountered with design, design alterations, and the extra image files I need to create.


Question: Logo Design by committee; is it possible?

Answer: This is usually the most difficult type of project for a logo designer as it can be impossible to please so many people. When a group of individuals is responsible for selecting, approving and modifying the logo design throughout the various design stages things can move slower than a snail with three heads.

It is far better to select a voice for the committee, a person who is acutely aware of your group’s goals and has a good sense of design or is willing to analyze the logo design’s effect on potential customers. Otherwise things can bog down with too many people pulling in different directions.

I am willing to work with committees but there is an additional fee of 50% over the regular logo design package fees. This is because of the added time and work involved.