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The Fear of Taking A Risk! Your fear is real

We all have fears that control what we choose.

You don't know me and that makes you frightened. I too am filled with fears when I buy something from a new company, one I have never heard of before. It is normal and expected. We all want to try to minimize our risks -- to stay safe.

Take me, one time while on vacation I was hankering for pizza but I ended up eating a burger at McDonald's when the pizza place was just down the road. Why? That's easy; I knew what to expect from McDonald's. The only pizza place was one I had never hear of before. What if the pizza was horrible, the service lousy, and the bathrooms the pits? I didn't go for what I wanted most, I settled for the one I feared the least and I bet you have done the same too.

You are afraid of buying something sight unseen, a promise that may be but a puff of smoke. You are so frighten that you may decide not to purchase the very service you need, desire, and could benefit from. I maybe the best company for the job but you feel it is less risky to do nothing. I understand your fears.

Lets work to reduce your fears of buying your business logo from me. Here are a few things I am willing to do to minimize your risk...

  1. You only need to put half down on a custom logo design package. You don't pay the second half until you are satisfied with your new business logo.
  2. Your assignment will be taken seriously and I will carefully consider what is best for your company. I don't just toss something together and rush onto the next one. I believe that a logo is extremely important to your business success and I will give it my best. I am still small enough a company to give your individual attention and not tell you to pick a number.
  3. You will be assured that I will not give you a horse image that looks more like a dog. I have seen what some big companies pass off as logo images-reminiscent of mass-produced clip art drawn by Homer Simpson. Your breed specialty will be carefully researched and a Tennessee Walker will not look like a Sire or an Arabian.
  4. I will not promise you a basement bargain, as I am not the cheapest logo service around. I do promise to deliver excellent service and a creative product developed with your business success in mind.
  5. Please check out what other have to say about my logo service...Read the Testimonials
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The Way to Happiness...

I have read that the happiest people are the ones that learn to take calculated risks to get out of life what they REALLY want and not just settle for the safe burger. You have started on this road to happiness as you have decided to take the risk of going into business for yourself.

Let me congratulate you on your first steps to true happiest. Now take the second step and order your new business logo.

Go for it -- order your new business logo!