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Logo Art Guarantee Information

Your happiness is of the utmost importance to me, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!
Joni Solis

  1. You need to put only half down on your custom logo design package to start. You only pay the second half when/if you are satisfied and I promise that I will work my hardest to achieve your satisfaction.
  2. I believe that a logo is extremely important to your business success so your logo assignment will receive my utmost attention. I will take into consideration what would be best for your type of company. No rushing something together so I can get on to another.
  3. You are assured that I will not give you a horse image that looks more like a dog. No mass-produced clip art is ever used. I draw every horse graphic and take the time to research your breed specialty. You will not receive a Sire horse when you ask for an Arabian.
  4. No, I am not the cheapest logo company around, but I promise to deliver excellent service and a creative product developed with your business success in mind.
  5. You will been given three copies of your logo files on three CDs and on these CDs you will also find FREE business reports as a special thank you from me.
  6. Please check out what others have to say about my logo services. Read the Logo Testimonials
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You may want to read About Us and my Logo Testimonials page too. Thank you!