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Horse Clip Art

Professional horse graphics

Horse art for web and email display. Print quality image files are also available. Raster (pixels) and Vector (re-sizable) Art.

Instant Delivery: After purchase you will be able to download the zip files directly to your computer. No shipping charges! NOTE: No watermark text on delivered files.

Image File Info

The WEB quality equine clip art images can be displayed in your outgoing emails or on your web pages.

The PRINT quality image files can be inserted into Microsoft Word, PhotoShop, or any other art, design, or page layout word program you have for designing newsletters, stationery, fliers, gift cards, scrapbooking, etc...

The clip art images are saved with and without a transparent background so that they may be displayed on a web page with a colored background.

Web Files: Raster art: 96 dots per inch/pixels per inch, RBG color mode, file formats: PNG and/or GIF JPG, PNG with a transparent background.

Print Files: Vector art: one color, CMYK color mode; Image formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, EMF. Raster art: full color, 400 dots per inch/pixels per inch, RGB color mode. Image formats: PNG with and without a transparent background.


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Not for resale in digital format. Please read the Conditions of Use page before placing your order.

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