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Stock Logos

Ready-to-Ride stock horse logos are ready made logo designs that are personalized with your company name. Your tag line (slogan) can also be add if desired. And many of these designs even allow you to choose your special company colors.

Pre-designed logos allow you to view many different designs and focus your idea of what you like in a logo design. They are also faster than ordering a custom logo design and a less expensive, but you are still receiving a finished professional design. Many small to medium size business start up companies go this route.

Our stock logo designs come in two main varieties...

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive

Exclusive Logos are sold only once and then removed from the catalog. You become the only owner of the logo design and may copyright/trademark the design.

Non-exclusive Logos are sold over and over again. You cannot copyright/tradmark the non-exclusive designs, But you may use these designs as your company logo in all your promotional avenues.

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