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Dressage Horse Logo 3 - Capriole

Starting at: $30.00

Total Product Price: $277.00

Initial Design Deposit: $30.00

A horse leaping into the air for the high school movement called Capriole in classical dressage. At the height of his jump's elevation the horse will kick out with both his hing legs. Under the horse graphic is a simple oval shape to represent the horse's shadow on the ground to show that he is airborne.

The logo text is in the font, Gondola SD. Under your company's name you can have an optional tagline (slogan) if you want.

The logo is in two deep colors -- a rich dark blue and a pretty blue-green. On the business card design I also added a touch of golden copper.

Please purchase the matching business card design. The front has the logo and your contact information. On the back you have room for some sales copy. The font can be printed in 3 spot color or 4 color process and the back of the card can be printed in black ink. The text on the business card design is in the serif font called Quattrocento Roman.

Possible uses:

This logo would be lovely for several businesses like, Dressage training center, horse trainer, equine center, real estate, properties, hotel, resort, equestrian themed shops, or for equine events, etc.

Read all about the process and what you receive here: Exclusive Logos.

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