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Horse Head Logo - Flow Creek

Starting at: $30.00

Total Logo Price: $277.00

Initial Design Deposit: $30.00

A logo with a lovely looking horse that has flowing lines for the mane and forelock to represent the flowing of a river or creek. Under the horse's neck are more curving lines symbolizing the tall graceful reeds that grow near water.

This design can be printed with two Pantone ink colors on a offset printer or as a 4 color process digital or offset printing job. The colors are a strong blue and a bright green, but I can add your company's colors.

The lettering under the graphic is Bispo Nova which has a nice movement to it like handwritten letters. The optional tagline is in the font called, Questrial -- modern, clean, smooth.

Please consider buying the double sided business card design. The back can be printed in one color while the font can be printed in 3 or 4 colors.

This design would go well for different businesses that are near water -- creek or river, like: equestrian club or event, horse trainer, horse farrier, equine photographer, horse vet, horse supply store, tack shop, equine properties, horse rescue, etc...

Read all about the process and what you receive here: Exclusive Logos.

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